Core Contractors is the only earthquake retrofit contractor Los Angeles and surrounding areas providing guarantees the retrofitting of building costs, cost escalation of any kind related to the seismic retrofit Los Angeles and participating cities, performance of the earthquake retrofit, and completion of soft story retrofit. 



There are many opportunities in the scope of retrofitting of buildings like yours to present change orders to your seismic retrofit project. Our competitors which may have excluded items from their proposal. Such exclusions are very costly. Some examples may include:

  • Upgrades requested at time of design review by the city engineers.
  • Field modifications requested by the building inspector at the site.
  • Conditions found at the building which were unforeseen or specifically omitted.
  • Material escalation due to tariffs or late purchasing.
  • uneven surface for column placement.
  • Removal of garage doors to accommodate the frames.
  • Cost of building permits.
  • Cost of third party deputy inspection fees.
  • Cost of filing/posting to the Housing department.
  • Tenant issues.
  • building out of plumb/level.

You get the idea… the opportunities to up-charge your contract amount after start-up are endless and your actual cost to complete your seismic retrofitting project remains unknown to the bitter end.


A competitor which does not provide a “No Change Order Guarantee” on their soft story retrofit scope, leaves an owner exposed to added cost on practically every phase of the seismic retrofit Los Angeles design or construction scope of retrofitting of buildings in need. To avoid change orders you must do one of three things:

  1. Make sure you know exactly what is needed for a full compliance. or…
  2. Make sure all that is required is covered in the contractor’s contract agreement without exclusions/exceptions/clarification. or…
  3. Hire Core Contractors which guarantees No Change Orders regardless of your soft story retrofit knowledge. 

In fact, if you don’t select 1 of the 3 options above, only guarantee you can count on in retrofiring of buildings like yours is the guarantee to incur additional cost in the form of a change orders, You will pay more and often much more before your seismic retrofit project is done and approved.


The proposal you receive from us for soft story retrofit has no hidden holes and misses on the scope. The price we quote is the final price you will pay. Not a penny more! Regardless of the design restrictions, the impact of the building department, the unforeseen conditions, we have you covered. Core Contractors (and no other) offers this guarantee. Another single benefit to contract your retrofit work to Core Contractors


Core Contractors has designed and developed exactly the programs to meet the ordinances for retrofitting of buildings just like yours. We stand behind our program with these guarantees ready to serve your seismic retrofit needs. Contract us here to have one of our engineers provide you with a no obligation free evaluation and if necessary an estimate to complete your seismic retrofitting.

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