Core Contractors is the only earthquake retrofit contractor Los Angeles and surrounding areas providing guarantees the retrofitting of building costs, cost escalation of any kind related to the seismic retrofit Los Angeles and participating cities, performance of the earthquake retrofit, and completion of soft story retrofit. 


The seismic retrofit ordinance Los Angeles and adjacent areas is more than just cripple walls, engineering, moment frames and construction. It is a thought through, well staffed, and spans over multiple city and state offices. There’s some jumping through hoops but if the process is known, it is relatively painless. Different cities have different ordinances affecting different buildings and structures above ground and below. In short, a building owner could spend time, money, and effort attempting to get your city compliance of your local ordinances to remain non-compliant and exposed to fines, litigation, and liens. 


At Core Contractors we know your soft story retrofit program and have the expertise, experience, and in-house staff to ensure full earthquake retrofit Los Angeles and all other city requirements. We jump through the hoops and satisfy the needs of the seismic retrofitting program so you don’t have to. We handle the entire earthquake retrofit program needs start to finish including paying all fees, inspections, changes, and (you guessed it), the kitchen sink. We know the steps to achieving full seismic ordinance compliance Los Angeles and surrounding city’s ordinance compliance and make that our number one goal! 


Once you engage Core Contractors to do your work, we guarantee a complete seismic retrofit program of your structure’s soft story retrofit compliance ordinance without delays or cost escalation.  Core Contractors (and no other) offers this guarantee. Another single benefit to contract your retrofit work to Core Contractors


Core Contractors has designed and developed exactly the programs to meet the ordinances for retrofitting of buildings just like yours. We stand behind our program with these guarantees ready to serve your seismic retrofit needs. Contract us here to have one of our engineers provide you with a no obligation free evaluation and if necessary an estimate to complete your seismic retrofitting.

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