Core Contractors is the only earthquake retrofit contractor Los Angeles and surrounding areas providing guarantees the retrofitting of building costs, cost escalation of any kind related to the seismic retrofit Los Angeles and participating cities, performance of the earthquake retrofit, and completion of soft story retrofit. 

WhY 30 DAYS?

The 30 day trigger for impacting tenants during the retrofitting of buildings is a key item which holds a landlord responsible to cover relocation costs to tenants beyond the duration of 30 days. “If the Primary Renovation Work and any Related Work will impact the habitability of a rental unit for 30 days or more, any tenant affected by the Primary Renovation Work and Related Work shall have the option to voluntarily terminate the tenancy in exchange for permanent relocation assistance pursuant to Section 151.09 G of this Code and the return of any security deposit that cannot be retained by the landlord under applicable law.” (LAMC 152.05A).


This is probably the biggest financial hit by building owners to seismic retrofitting which remains unannounced and excluded from the cost of soft story retrofit proposals by our competition. The cost is staggering and well into the tens of thousands of dollars and more. There’s nothing a building owner can do other than continue to compensate tenants while the seismic retrofit work is ongoing and until it is fully signed off by the building official.


The designers of Core Contractors have developed time and cost savings designs to comply with the seismic retrofit ordinance Los Angeles and surrounding communities to complete your building in 30 days or less. We are rehearsed and our retrofitting of buildings designs are known and accepted by the city’s approval process. We prefabricate and store materials offsite to make sure there are no delays during the earthquake retrofit work. In short, we offer a production level solution, a conveyor belt system to minimize the impact for the shortest duration possible, and never more than 30 days.


Therefore, if the retrofitting of building exceeds 30 days or utility services are interrupted beyond the hours of 9am-5pm, the owner becomes responsible to relocate or compensate the affected tenants until the seismic retrofit work is complete. Core Contractors (and no other) offers to relocate or compensate the affected tenants at no cost to the owner if we miss the 30 day construction guarantee. This alone should be sufficient reason to contract your retrofit work to Core Contractors

Core Contractors has designed and developed exactly the programs to meet the ordinances for retrofitting of buildings just like yours. We stand behind our program with these guarantees ready to serve your seismic retrofit needs. Contract us here to have one of our engineers provide you with a no obligation free evaluation and if necessary an estimate to complete your seismic retrofitting.

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