Financing Programs - Core ContractorsThe financial burden of this program has impacted many building owners claiming hardship to abandonment of the property. Before you choose to hire a demolition contractor, plan on checking in with our financing options before you call it quits. We have teamed up with a small business bank currently offering specific equity based loans through lines of credit for buildings with 24 units or less. Larger buildings can also be afforded a loan assuming

  1. Your property title must be clear of tax or bankruptcy liens.
  2. The loan amount can not exceed the appraised value of the property.
  3. The mortgage payments have not been late for the past year or so.

Core Contractors can assist you with the lending process to get you 100% financed on the required work.

The City is referring the Alliance NRG Program for financial aid to building owners. Also a similar program worth looking into with rates similar to our direct lender but you must go through this program directly as they will not speak with anyone who is not the building owner.

You can find more information and an online application at by calling (855) 431-4400 or emailing  

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