When designing ADU’s Core Contractors utilizes our in-house crew to deliver the most effective way to get the most units, best space ration, and the highest ROI once completed. We look into savings options in the design as well as construction by collaborating with our in-house construction team and recognize that the conversion of parking spaces to living units is a team effort.


Our design team is very familiar with what can and can’t be achieved. We start with that to find the correct approach to what your building can accommodate. It is the skeleton of the ADU and at Core Contractors we make sure it is a solid plan. 


We Soon after a contract is signed, we visit the site, evaluate the architectural constraints and seismic requirements. We draw plans and identify specifications based on a visual inspection. We incorporate our experience and make sure the design is sure to be approved, allows for efficient and expedited construction, and at the best possible price.  


During the initials stages of design we collaborate with our construction team to value engineer the potential architectural and structural elements. It allows Core Contractors to deliver a more cost effective design, translating to cost savings which are passed onto you, the owner. 


Our designs have been tested by plan-check review so many times. The engineers at the city know our plans, our structural knowledge, and the ability oCore Contractors to deliver a quality design and construction in their municipality… to comply with the codes and ordinates. We make their job easier and in turn, they look upon us favorably through expedited and fair approval process.


As We understand the ADU program. We know how to design it with production speed, efficiency and low cost options, and we know how to reach compliance with the agencies for C of O and immediate occupancy of the improvements. Choose Core Contractors We will not disappoint. 

Core Contractors has designed and developed the most cost efficient ADU program available to apartment building owners. Contract us here to receive a no obligation free evaluation and a site specific proposal to complete your ADU project.