ADU spells OPPORTUNITY to owners!

Due to a housing shortage in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, you now have options to add low cost rental units to your existing buildings with an expedited process of approval and a reduced parking requirements. You simply need to be navigated through the process and  Core Contractors can.  Furthermore, we can now incorporate the seismic retrofitting requirements into the ADU design. Let’s make lemons into lemonade together. 


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Of most projects your building undertakes, none will return your investment faster than an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) when properly evaluated and designed to maximize efficiency of space and minimize the cost of construction with numerous value engineering (VE) techniques. Only a seasoned 40+ years general contractor such as Core Contractors can. Often within a 3 year period, your investment in the ADU will be repaid in added rent-roll alone and that rent continues to pay forever. Your property value also increases which makes the investment in ADU’s easy to make. Feel free to use our ADU ROI calculator or contact us for a no obligation site evaluation. 


At Core Contractors we focus on multifamily applications related to ADUs, not single homes. Several cities have developed an ADU program due to a notable housing shortage. The program differs slightly between the cities but they all offer a shortened process to approval with less issues, less compliance, fast turn-around. Most building should consider an increase of 25% to your existing unit count. Added units do not need to provide added parking for the added ADUs… moreover,  Building can use the current parking spaces for the location of the new ADUs without replenishment. No fire sprinkler requirements, limited ADA compliance needed, 60 day city approval commitment… you get the idea? It’s a gift that you should accept because it won’t last forever. 


The designers of Core Contractors have developed a cost efficient design for converting a 2, 3, and 4 car spaces into ADU’s, the design is pre-priced to include all required work with a level of pre-selected finishes at a lump sum price. If required we also include the seismic retrofit required for Soft Story conditions into the design. By far the most cost efficient way to comply with seismic retrofitting is by adding an ADU to your parking level. 


As always, Core Contractors utilizes an in house staff of professionals to serve the needs of a project from initial client contact through design, plan-check and permitting process, construction, and final C of O. We do not pay sales commissions, but rather have the owner Core Contractors call you. We have our own engineer/design staff. We know all the rules, the applicable codes as they relate to ADU’s and Seismic retrofitting. Core Contractors designs are known at the offices of Building and Safety departments throughout Los Angeles and surrounding cities. We know how to get more for less. Core Contractors field crews are trained and supervised to offer quality workmanship in construction, little impact to the residents, great customer service, and a trusted relationship with our building inspectors. They know Core Contractors work and are pleased to visit our sites to inspect. It all starts with you reaching out to us for a free site evaluation. You’re in the best of hands with Core Contractors to navigate you through the ADU process.


At Core Contractors we understand the process and have the expertise to design, construct, and complete your ADU project. We will navigate you through the bureaucracy and make this great opportunity provided by local municipalities to your benefit. Don’t wait for a better gift for your investment property, it’s not coming. Contact Core Contractors now to get you started. 


Core Contractors has designed and developed the most cost efficient ADU program available to apartment building owners. Contract us here to receive a no obligation free evaluation and a site specific proposal to complete your ADU project.