There’s a new Sheriff in town.

Core Contractor's sheriff hardhat

As the sun rose on the populated SoCal valley, I pondered when the next earthquake will occur and how many of these wood structures will pay the price of complacency. We all know it is coming and we now know Seismic Retrofitting is a requirement on many of us. A seismic event could cause significant damage to your properties, not to mention financially liability.

I further thought of my 40 years in the business and the network I have developed over these years. I decided to venture into the wild west and present a Soft Story Seismic Retrofit Solution, second to none. My program will offer what building owners are looking for; a low cost, high quality, fast turn around, without surprises. A program to be titled as Unmatched.

So a team was formed… comprised of construction business professionals, a General Contractor, A Software Specialist, a Banker, and an Engineer. Together we developed and implemented this Seismic Retrofit program. We have it all spelled out on our website at

We launch our program Today. We are staffed with quality and experience. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you, helping you, and making you our satisfied customer.