, Earthquake Retrofit Contractors, brings an unmatched level of Construction, Design, and Management to the seismic retrofit Los Angeles and surrounding areas.[expand title=” … click to read more“]

Our professional industry experience of 40+ years makes us the leading choice in seismic retrofitting. We have designed and developed hundreds of projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. We now offer a clear choice in retrofitting of buildings with aggressive engineering solutions, fast pace fabrication, and production level installation. Combined with all the required tenant notifications, plan-check and permit issuance, and all required observations and inspections. In short we offer a no hassle, no surprises, no worries approach to the pending seismic retrofitting required in Soft Story retrofit Los Angeles and surrounding areas. A lump sum solution to the mandatory wood frame, soft story, seismic retrofit program.[/expand]









When selecting the earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles and surroundings for your seismic retrofitting project, know who you are talking to. Many of our competitors use a sales force who’s commission drives them to overpromise and underdeliver, and without continuity, once the contract is signed, they continue to sell the next owner. At Core Contractors we are very “hands on”. You start at the top, you are meeting with Ownership, and communicating with Ownership from day one to day last.
Michael and Zo, we have been great friends for over 4 decades. We share similar ethics and professionalism. We strive to make each project a great experience and have succeeded to attract over 80% of our new business through referrals and word of mouth. We have developed a great crew professional designers, Project Managers, Superintendents, and skilled laborers, divided into multiple teams to complete your project faster than any other competitor… just 30 days!

In short, Core Contractors is a well oiled machine designed to provide you with the best solutions to retrofitting of buildings in accordance with the seismic retrofit ordinance Los Angeles and surrounding cities. 

We looks forward to making you our next satisfied customer. Let’s get acquainted:



Michael Dekel is a successful business owner and entrepreneur who, over the past 30 years has been the driving force behind multiple mature businesses. He has a career long history in Architecture, construction, and design. He’s all about finding forward thinking solutions. Michael applies his experience to develop the Core Contractors product and system, bringing significant cost and time savings to consumers.




Zo Egar brings 40+ years of experience in the building industry. He’s a licensed General Contractor, a State Building Inspector, a certified Senior Project Manager, and an Accessibility Compliance Specialist. His knowledge of building types, building codes, and construction means & methods makes him a valuable asset to the Core Contractors team. His experience as a builder, developer, and a building official provides a streamlined approach to solving issues with low cost solutions. 


Our team is diverse in experience and is ready to find the best solution for your Soft Story Retrofit Project. If you have a seismic retrofit ordinance in need of earthquake retrofit Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we are the earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angles team for you. We are here, committed to your needs and the success of the seismic retrofitting of your Soft Story structure. We look forward to meeting you.

Core Contractors, This is who we are, this is what we do!