, Earthquake Retrofit Contractors, brings an unmatched level of Construction, Design, and Management to the seismic retrofit Los Angeles and surrounding areas.[expand title=” … click to read more“]

Our professional industry experience of 40+ years makes us the leading choice in seismic retrofitting. We have designed and developed hundreds of projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. We now offer a clear choice in retrofitting of buildings with aggressive engineering solutions, fast pace fabrication, and production level installation. Combined with all the required tenant notifications, plan-check and permit issuance, and all required observations and inspections. In short we offer a no hassle, no surprises, no worries approach to the pending seismic retrofitting  required in Soft Story retrofit Los Angeles and surrounding areas. swift solution to the mandatory wood frame, soft story, seismic retrofit program.[/expand]









When it comes to finding earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles and surrounding areas, opportunity knocks for Soft Story retrofit and retrofitting of building, and the choices are plenty. However, not all are the same. Not all provide a complete compliance packet and therefore the comparison is often flawed, based strictly on the bottom line which in many cases in the starting price, not the final price. With full disclosure and transparency, Core Contractors is providing you with a comparison tool and a list of questions designed to give you a clear picture Core Contractors should be your clear choice for your Soft Story retrofit.


comparison sheet




When you complete your due diligence, you will know where you’ll get the best deal, best value, without surprises.  Core Contractors provides a seismic retrofitting service that is unmatched in the industry. Get more for less.

Let’s review:



A missing component is most Soft Story retrofit proposals is the Tenant notification to the Housing Department. It established a start date for your seismic retrofitting and can only be scheduled once your issues the permit number for the retrofitting of buildings. Furthermore, you seismic retrofit ordinance Los Angeles work will not be ready to issue (RTI) until the building department has verified the Housing authority’s “blessing” of your project. The process takes weeks if you know what you’re doing. A vicious circle-jerk with significant delay potential. Currently Core Contractors is the only earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles team providing this notification service. Our competition is focused on the main aspects of seismic retrofit construction and/or Soft Story retrofit engineering, ask them!


Even if the City changes to the proposed seismic retrofit design or the inspector makes us do more than the retrofitting of buildings is shown on the plans, The initial price we quote is the final price you will pay. A guarantee not provided by any of our earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles competitors, ask them!


Every seismic retrofitting project requires these fees: Permit fee, Deputy inspection fees, welding inspector’s fees, tenant notification fee, and more. These fees added to the hard cost of retrofitting of buildings could add to thousands of dollars and are fully included our Soft Story retrofit proposal, but not included in our earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles competitors, ask them!




The largest hidden cost component related to your tenants during a seismic retrofit project, is the duration allowed by the Housing Department to impact your tenants without compensation. The Soft Story Retrofit scope shall not impact the tenants beyond 30 days start to finish period. Due to our aggressive value engineering and design knowledge of the structural retrofit Los Angles area, Core Contractors is able to complete the work withing a 30 day period without impact, or we will compensate your tenants until the retrofitting of building is complete. The impact valued at tens of thousands of dollars. Core Contractors is the only earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles team that developed a design which can complete in 30 days and provide a financial  guarantee of completion. Our competition will not finish the work in 30 days and will not compensate your tenants, you will, ask them!


Our competition is mostly Engineers hiring General Contractors (GC’s) to perform the seismic retrofit work or GC’s hiring an engineer to do the Soft Story retrofit design. This business model has control limits over the design, value engineering, observations, construction means and methods, scheduling and much more. It also delays the process of retrofiring of buildings to compliance. All seismic retrofitting services by Core Contractors is provided in house, including the design, engineering, construction, notification, city runners, and our sales team. We control the speed, the quality, and the overall performance. You’re only a single call away and your issues become ours to resolve. We are the winning team. Come join us!



We demonstrated the added services and costs associated with earthquake retrofit Los Angeles and adjacent areas. Costs owners will be forced to pay to complete and comply with the Seismic Retrofit Ordinance Los Angeles requirement. In addition to Core Contractors complete transparency and covering the hidden costs of seismic retrofitting, we also offer a low price guarantee to complete the retrofiring of buildings. So we urge you contact the earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles area to get proposals, do the legwork, ask the important questions, do your due diligence. When completed, contact us for a last look so we may guarantee a low price and with more scope and protections guarantees. We will complete the Soft Story retrofit without hidden costs and within 30 days. The choice is clear!

Core Contractors, This is who we are, this is what we do!